Athletics Training Dates


To the students who have been selected to compete in the District Athletics on Wednesday 31st August, please attend the sessions relevant to your event. We are only able to get one training session per event as this year it is quite close to our Hoop Time commitments. Also please watch the Olympics too to give you tips.

Well done!

Athletics Training
Aug 10 800m/1500m
Aug 17 Sprints/Relays
Aug 18 Long Jump/Triple Jump
Aug 24 Discus/Shot Put
Aug 25 Tunnel Ball/Shuttle Relay
Aug 26 Hurdles – Tash

Homework Term 4 Week 2

5/6 Homework Week 2 Term 4

Students need to continue you read for 20 minutes per night and record this in their diary. The tasks listed below also need to be completed.

  • Continue with the Montrose Rotary Speech Competition – Due Monday 19th October

  • Draft and good copy Earn and Learn resume – Due Monday 19th October

  • Draft and good copy Earn and Learn cover letter- Due Monday 19th October

  • Draft and good copy of Earn and Learn reference letter- Due Monday 19th October

Knowledge Quiz ⛪️

Just a little quiz covering many areas of the curriculum:

  1. The time in Paris right now is 7pm. What time would it be in Melbourne?
  2. Name four cities in Italy? Bonus points if you can name four famous churches in Italy?
  3. What are the capital cities of the following countries:United Kingdom, Croatia, Italy, France and Slovenia?
  4. What is the most popular sport in Italy? Name two teams that play this game?
  5. Name the museum in Paris in which the Mona Lisa is found?
  6. Which musical instrument is from France?
  7. Our train departs from Paris at 8.01am and arrives in London at 11.17am. How long does the trip take?
  8. One Euro is $1.60 Australia dollars. If I bought a crepe for 6 Euros, how much will it cost in Australian dollars?
  9. How long has the current Queen been on the throne? What is the name of the palace she lives in?
  10. In Verona, which balcony from a famous Shakespeare book can be found there? You can ask Ms. Corrone or Ms. Falvey for the answer.

Hope you enjoy this quiz::


Mrs. Elvin

Greetings from Europe



Hi Everyone. Hope you have enjoyed a fantastic holiday and are ready for an exciting Term 4. I am thoroughly enjoying my holiday in Europe with my family meeting relatives, seeing many wonderful sights and eating many of the delicacies from each country. The photos in the Pic Collage in order from top to bottom are the Gallery of Evolution (Paris), Tower Bridge (London), Harrods (London), Les Jardin des Plantes (Paris), Duomo Cathedral (Milan), Venice ( Italy), and Baska (Croatia). I am looking forward to sharing many stories and photos very soon. See you soon. ✈️ Mrs. Elvin


Time Zones Around the World

PicCollage  - Time Zones

In Year 5/6, our focus in Maths is on the topic of  time. One of our activities was to compare times around the world. This allowed students to explore and work with positive and negative numbers, addition and subtraction, as well as the concept of time. It also embraced geography and literacy with much rich discussion occurring in the classroom.

Social Justice Conference

On the 20th August, we have  the opportunity to send 15 students to the KidsView Social Justice Conference to be held at St James in Vermont. The conference focuses on discussing the challenges facing children in developing countries.

We ask that students apply to attend the conference by writing a letter to Mrs Engellenner. The letter should include reasons why they believe the school should select them to attend and how might they be able to be involved in some kind of Social Justice action after the conference.

All applications must be written in hard copy and be given to Mrs Engellenner by Thursday 13th August.